Travel Visa


To request a tourist VISA for the entrance or exit, is possible to present all the necessary documentation by hand at the Consulate (Naples and Turin) or the Embassy (Rome), or by sending the documents by post or courier. Those who are not in Italy, can send the documentation via International Shipping Courier (DHL) by paying the shipping costs. Processing times are normally around 10-15 days.

It is possible to request an urgent procedure, reducing the processing time for the practice.

Required documentation:

  • Visa application form, completed and signed in duplicate (see bottom of page);
  • Original passport valid with a residual maturity of at least six months;
  • Two passport photos, made according to current regulations;
  • Receipt of payment of the Visa fee, to be made by bank transfer / postal order or in cash.

In Visa application form you must specify the type of tourist visa you intend to request, that is: 1 / 3 months for single entry (if you only enter and leave once the country) or for multiple entries (see below). For non EU citizens it is necessary to attach, together with the required documentation, a copy of the Residence Permit or the Italian Identity Card.

Services rates

For information on service fees, please contact the consular office directly.

Returning visa to applicants

The visa application form can also be sent by e-mail, following the booking of the file. The documents for the visa application can be delivered personally to the Consulate, or sent by post. The approved passports can be collected at the Consulate or, if requested, the Consulate can return them directly to the applicant’s address by courier (the payment of which will be paid by the applicant).

Terms of payment

All payments can be made directly to the Consulate or, for those who send the documents by post, the payment can be done by bank transfer / postal payment to the coordinates that will be communicated to the applicants. The costs for the release are provided to those who request it. About that, please specify the details of the application by e-mail or by telephone.

Visa for multiple entries

If you plan to leave Vietnam and then return during your stay, you will need to obtain a multiple entry visa, or obtain a new single entry visa, from a travel agency before leaving Vietnam. To apply for a multiple entry visa, you can follow the same procedure and the same forms as the single tourist visas, specifying the need for multiple entries in the forms.



The Vietnamese Immigration Authorities have established that the entry visa obtained on arrival (by payment) at the airport (VISA on arrival) can be issued to foreign citizens only in the following cases:

  • if there is no Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin;
  • for emergency entrances, due to humanitarian reasons and technical missions;
  • visa is required by a Vietnamese travel agency accredited by local authorities, with a special procedure.

In the above cases, the Vietnamese authorities must be notified at least 12 hours before the arrival of foreigners.

In case of VISA on arrival, furthermore, the traveller, once arrived at destination, must appear to the appropriate counter at international airports equipped with:

  • Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Copy of the visa authorization issued by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam. This document must be sent by fax or e-mail to the travellers from the Vietnamese tourism support agency, before the departure date. If this documentation is missing, the chosen airline could refuse boarding.

About the travellers departing from Italy, the Vietnamese authorities reiterate that the visa (in particular for tourism and business) must be requested at the Consulates in Italy (Naples and Turin) or from the Embassy of Rome.



Italian citizens who go to Vietnam for work must have a work visa which can be valid for 3 to 6 months. To obtain a visa it is necessary to send or deliver to the Consulate:

  • All the forms necessary for the issue of the Tourist Visa (see above)
  • Invitation letter and visa authorization from the Vietnamese counterpart

The place where you arrive and where you leave must be specified on the visa application form. However, changes can be made after entering the country by contacting the immigration authorities or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hanoi.


Italian citizens are exempted from an entry visa to Vietnam for a stay of no more than 15 days and with a single entry. For a stay longer than 15 days and for multiple entries, a visa is required.

Exemption requirements:

The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months.

Between one exemption and another, a minimum period of 30 days must pass since the last exit from the country. If you enter Vietnam again before 30 days from the date of release of the previous exemption, you will need to apply for a visa to the Consulate or Embassy before leaving.

Travel with minors

The legislation on foreign travel for minors also varies according to the national provisions of the individual countries. The recent Italian legislation (November 2009) provides for the compulsory individual passport also for minors, whose time validity is differentiated according to age (without prejudice to the validity of passports in which minors are already registered).

We therefore recommend that you take up-to-date information from your Police Headquarters, as well as from the Embassies or Consulates of the country accredited in Italy and / or your travel agent, without prejudice to any declarations of consent for the companion by the parent / I of one who exercises parental authority or guardian over the minor.


The Consulate and the Embassy are in no case responsible if travellers encounter problems for boarding or for entering Vietnam if they are denied by the border authority. The Consulate does not make refunds once the Visa application process has started.

Visa application form
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